The Celebration of the Female Geek: GeekGirlCon

10 Aug

Geek girls shall inherit the earth! Well, maybe not yet, but its a start. Here at Le Geek we are so bummed that we couldn’t  go this weekend to GGC. But hey, there’s always next year!

GGC is a convention celebrating women on the forefront of geek culture. Guests include female comic book writers, bloggers, actresses, and much more.With so much discussions and heat about geek girls recently (they think we are unicorns) and the legitimacy in the culture, its refreshing to know that woman have a convention to draw attention to our contributions to geekdom and to say HEY WE DO EXIST. Also it helps debunk the myth that all of us geeky girls only like things because our boyfriends do. Seriously, it’s getting old. Do you guys remember this CNN article a few weeks back? Or one of its many rebuttal articles (another)? If not, give them a read. I could go on forever about the sexism among geeks, but I wont. I wont because I feel like the subject has been talked about ad nauseum but I also feel like the best thing we can do about it is keep our presence known, attend conventions like GGC, know your stuff, and pwn the naysayers whenever you can.

That aside, it’s so exciting that something like this even exists and is successful. It’s a testament to how many of us are out there, and how much we love all things geek. Move aside boys, and make some room. Go to the GEEKGIRLCON website for all the details.

One Response to “The Celebration of the Female Geek: GeekGirlCon”

  1. GermanCityGirl August 11, 2012 at 12:30 am #

    Hi there! I’m the Twitter admin for GeekGirlCon. Cheers for this blog posting and the work you do. Keep strong, keep blogging, and like I said over on the Twitterverse… ROAD TRIP FOR GGC13!

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