Stuff For Your Baby Geek

31 Jul

Now that Iv’e got little ones on the way It’s fun to surf the web and find cute stuff to dress them up in or ways to decorate their new room. Especially because you gotta start early if you are going to raise a little geek. Here are just my favorites and the links to the products. Squee!

NASA baby



Robot Baby



Retro Pac Man baby



Think Geek baby







X-Men Baby



Star Wars Baby


For a nursery Iv’e been thinking of a Star Wars/Space/Sci-Fi theme and found a bunch of cute items

Uncle Milton Solar System In my room 



Earth in my room



Moon in my room



Wompa Rug ( I would die for this!)


Star Wars Nursery Prints 



Wall vinyl decal


Star Wars Creature Plush


Star Wars Planetarium


Gigantic AT-AT plush



My Nerd HQ 2013 Experience And Why You Should Go

27 Jul


For those that don’t know much about Nerd HQ or The Nerd Machine lets just do a quick recap. The Nerd Machine is the brain child company of Zachary Levi (star of CHUCK) and David and Courtney Coleman that is vessel to promote Nerd culture. Nerd HQ is an event that goes on offsite during San Diego Comic-Con where intimate  “conversations for a cause” or panels between celebrity guests and their fans take place. These conversations are $22 dollars each with every penny going to Operation Smile, a charity that Levi is an ambassador for. That’s the short of it.



This year marked the third year anniversary of Nerd HQ and it’s been my pleasure to be able to attend the last two years. In the three years that the off-site event has been around there have been venue changes every year. I think that is due to the amount of people that want to hang out comfortably at HQ. This year the event was held at Petco Park and honestly I had no idea what to expect. I’m a San Diego native and I just couldn’t imagine how they were going to host such a cool intimate event at the ballpark. I’m glad my fears were put to rest because It was a perfect place to unwind when the convention center got overwhelming .They set up a free arcade and computers games so people could just hang out and have a good time, while promoting new games. There was also a lounge area with big leather couches and coffee tables where you could watch a live feed of the panels that were taking place or just simply charge your phone. There was plenty to keep you entertained while you rested or just enjoyed the scenery. There was Youtube channel interviews, free photobooths, raffles , celebrity photo ops, and signings. I just happened to walk by while Evangeline Lily was signing copies of her new book.


That last picture was a very last minute unplanned photo op that came about in the panel I was sitting in. They call them “smiles for smiles” and for $20 dollars you can take a picture with your favorite celebrity with all proceeds going to operation smile. About 10 minutes after the panel was released and the photo op was announced on Twitter the line was capped off. So I truly got lucky in getting a photo and marking something off my bucket list. However, if none of these things interest you I  actually spoke to people that did not have SDCC tickets and also did not get to purchase any conversations for a cause tickets and just went to Nerd HQ to hang out and be part of the craziness that is San Diego during Comic-Con.


So what makes this event so special or different than Comic-Con and why do I keep talking about it? Well, I honestly feel like the stars aligned for this one. The event may be growing steadily but even so the conversations are kept small relative to SDCC standards. Each conversation holds 250 guests. Now, that may sound like a lot but in a world where the convention center has halls that are filled to capacity (6,000+ seats in hall H), 250 seats is tiny. This gives us (the fans) an opportunity to feel like we are part of something special and the way I look at it is if my iPhone 4s camera can take a good picture from where I’m sitting, well i’m pretty damn close.



I think whats most to be admired though is the celebrities that choose to donate their time to these panels. Unlike events at Comic-Con ( which I love) there is no studio or contractual obligation to answer questions or speak on designated topics . Every answer seems pretty organic and panelists seem very relaxed in this setting. Every single celebrity that participates in the Nerd HQ event has taken time out of their busy “con” schedule to hang out for an hour and answer questions from their fans. They don’t get paid for this event or get anything out of it other than the satisfaction of helping others out and allowing their fans to have a good time. Just the ticket sales alone for a single conversation raises 5k and changes so many children’s lives through operation smile. That’s not including the random spontaneous auctions that take place during these panels. The Nathan Fillion panel I attended raised nearly an extra 3k (on top of the 5k that was already raised) just by him auctioning off stuff he had around his house. That’s the biggest Win/Win ever. He gets to clean out his house, a fan gets to own something of his that they can treasure, and a child gets a much needed operation. You never really know whats going to happen at each panel or what each request will bring.  But what stands out the most is how incredibly nice all the panelists and volunteers were and how happy they seem to be there. Everyone that happens to work or volunteer for Nerd HQ seems to be doing it out of love because I never came in contact with a grumpy or mean volunteer. All in all the vibes are good, the people are nice, and the times are fun.


Now, it can’t be all rainbows and butterflies right? Well, no. The only drawback that I saw/experienced was the way the ticket sales took place. Which I even feel bad for bringing up because I honestly can’t think of a better way to sell tickets.  To give a little perspective, the reason Nerd HQ is held during comic-con is not only because it’s one of the biggest geek/nerd events of the year but because it brings in all the celebrities. Many celebrities that participate in Nerd HQ already have things scheduled for Comic-Con (panels, press, events, parties) With that being said, there is a lot of scheduling problems that are not figured out until perhaps a few days before SDCC. So tickets for these conversations are not readily available weeks or months in advance. Heck, we don’t even know who is going to be there until the very last minute. This year tickets were planned to be sold in “waves” and The Nerd Machines twitter account announced a day in advance when and where the tickets were being sold. This ultimately ended up messing with the ticketing server Comic-Con style which lead to a lot of confusion and angry people yelling at their computer screens. Instead of continuing to issue tickets in waves what they did to remedy the situation was to announce individual panels anywhere between 2 hours to 10 minutes before they were to go on sale. Before you scream “how is that fair” you have to remember, 250 seats goes in a blink of an eye. Which meant that if you weren’t super vigilant with your social media you were going to miss out. Or if you were in the middle of work or dinner you had to hope to either have a smart phone around or get your butt home so you could get online. I was thankful that I was glued to my phone and I got AMAZING seats to three conversations for a cause, including one that I was not anticipating in the least. That’s what’s so cool about Nerd HQ! It’s spontaneous nature! SDCC was well on it’s way when they announced Richard Madden was going to have his own panel. Yes, THE KING OF THE NORTH! I was walking around with a tiny violin playing in the background after I didn’t get into the Game of Thrones panel; when I got my second chance with this conversation. And to top it all off Matt Smith (Doctor Who) and Jenna Coleman  (Doctor who) surprised Richard and his fans by crashing  the last ten minutes of his panel. I can say with all certainty that being part of moments like that made my SDCC experience that much richer. Even with the ticketing issues I think that The Nerd Machine and Nerd HQ do invaluable work that make everyone involved happy and leaves fans with lasting memories they can share and hope to recreate the following year. I also have to mention that aside from all the wonderful things I said about Nerd HQ one of the main reasons people keep coming back for more is the face of The Nerd Machine, Zachary Levi. While I have been to many conventions and interacted and seen many celebrity panels, Zachary Levi continues to be a kind, funny, entertaining person. He seems to remain humble and appreciative of all the attention that he and his projects get. A true model of what a celebrity should be. With that said, here are the videos of the conversations I attended so you can see what I’m talking about. The Nerd Machine was kind enough to share all the panels on demand in case you missed them or want to relive the moments over again. TNM YouTube Channel 

The Nerd Machine

Nerd HQ

Operation Smile

The Aftermath that is San Diego Comic-Con

23 Jul

So I told you guys that I was going to post after Comic-Con to update the survival guide and tell you guys how it went. So here it goes! My personal best and worst moments of Comic-Con. As you guys know from my previous post A Tentative Guide to Being Pregnant at SDCC my experience was a little different than most. I edited the survival guide with one extra tip (get a disabled pass). I’ll get into that in a little bit. As we are all going through this post SDCC depression, we can start counting down to next year.

Best moments:

Being surrounded by Geeks


I LOVE SDCC more than I love X-mas and my birthday combined. So just being there surrounded by like minded people was and always will be in the best moments category. There was so many moments where I was sitting down resting and I caught people talking about stuff that I love and eventually we got into conversations. My feeling is always the same when this happens, pure joy. Other people talk about this stuff and care as much as I do. It makes me feel good.

Cosplaying as Lori from The Walking Dead


At the beginning of the day not many people recognized me. I started to laugh at the fact that maybe people thought I was a homeless pregnant girl that sneaked into Comic-Con. Cosplaying is always fun no matter how simple the costume because you get to represent your favorite characters. I admire all the cosplayers that are in insanely uncomfortable outfits and spend months working on their costumes. I look forward to one day being one of them! Very soon after I started thinking shit my costume sucks!? I started getting recognized left and right. Mostly people were laughing and giving me kudos for being creative with my pregnancy.I was a little shocked when people would ask for pictures because I felt like my costume was just so simple but I had fun doing it. If you guys ever want to die clothes to make them look dirty it’s extremely easy. Boil a bowl of hot black tea and let your clothes sit for 30 minutes to an hour and let air dry. Simple as that. Trust me, I looked filthy.

Nerd HQ


I’m actually going to do a separate post on Nerd HQ because I feel like it deserves quite a bit of attention. All I know is that if it weren’t for this outside of comic con activity I wouldn’t have had as much fun as I did. Partly because it was very relaxed but also because everything about it was AWESOME. The fact that every penny you spent there is donated to charity just blows my mind away. Zachary Levi and his crew of volunteers and friends always go above and beyond to make people feel at home.

Nerdist Podcast Live


Nerdist Podcast once upon a time had helped me get through horrible weekends at work. The podcasts vary between and hour and two hours so I knew that there was a possibility that it may be a long night.The show started at 9:30pm and ran almost two hours after it started. I think my entire group was ready for bed as soon as we got there due to a very long day at Comic-Con. It didn’t take away the fact that it was still amazing to see live and we had amazing seats!!I I had a great time and  I laughed and laughed then I laughed some more. Matt Smith was their special guest and although I have not seen the entire reboot of Doctor Who I can say with all certainty that his personality alone makes me want to continue watching. Ahem* Did I mention I got to see him twice this day? Good times.

The exhibit floor


I usually spend more time in panel rooms than I do on the exhibit floor. This year was a little different because I couldn’t physically wait or wake up early enough for panels that I wanted to attend (can anyone say GAME OF THRONES, THE WALKING DEAD) so I spent a lot more time than usual on the convention floor. It was really cool to see all the different set ups, art, and merchandise that was for sale. Also, we lucked out and saw the cast of GOT when they were getting ready to do their signing. I squeed and let out a scream like the fangirl that I am. There’s not shame in that right? I guess you never know what you are going to run into on the exhibit floor.

Kind people and celebrities


The celebrities that I saw at Nerd HQ were all extremely kind and gracious to their fans. There’s something about peoples personalities outside of their acting careers that makes me a bigger fan than I would have been otherwise. I can’t say nicer things about Zachary Levi, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Richard Madden and Matt Smith.The way they treat their fans speaks volumes about them and it always warms my heart to see. I  Also I ran into some fellow fangirls that were very kind in trying to find me seats so I wouldn’t be on my feet  as much they also offered me water and food just in case I didn’t have any with me. It’s people like this that made me feel so much better about the people that weren’t so kind. Thank God for kind people, all it takes is a small gesture to make someones day. I’m very grateful to those that went out of their way to be nice to me when they saw me struggling with my heavy belly.

Worst moments


Lines and missing out on crucial panels

Comic-Con is starting to be known as “Line Con” in some internet circles and I couldn’t agree more. Thursday was the only day I spent all day in line waiting to enter ballroom 20, the second biggest hall at the convention center. Thankfully I came with my trusty lawn chair and with my group of friends. My friends are just the best. Anytime the line would move they would carry my backpack and my chair no questions asked. I did feel like a tiny bit of a burden but they were just so casual about it that I felt better once I adjusted to having everyone do stuff for me. It’s not entirely fair to put this in the worst moments category because just hanging with my friends made it worth while. I did however realize after being in line hour after hour and having to sit through many disappointing panels (Intellegence with Josh holloway just laid flat for me and all the CW panels were just ugh not my style) I quickly realized that I could not tackle Hall H the next day (the biggest hall and the most intimidating line at the con. So I ended up missing out on the Veronica Mars, The Walking Dead, and the Game of Thrones panels.

My feet almost falling off (okay not really) NO PICTURE  OF MY FEET REQUIRED!!!


Since Comic-Con is the best time of the year for me I yearned to experience as much as I could. I wanted to explore downtown and walk the entire exhibit floor but sadly I couldn’t physically do it .I also missed out on the nightlife but I know that there will be a time and place for that again. Thanks to a very helpful couple that were also expecting a baby we got a tip to go to disabled services to get a pass to be able to sit down in the disabled areas whenever we wanted. This helped a lot because there’s no where to sit at the convention center other than the food court. If you want to sit down you must do it on the floor outside the convention center doors. Lets face it, If I sit on the floor, I wont be able to get up. So I ended up spending a lot of time sitting and resting between activities. I tend to want to take advantage of everything these four days have to offer. I didn’t get to stay and do as much as I wanted because my feet just couldn’t handle it but I did average a 10 hour day at the Con. And that was me trying to take it easy. So by the end of each night my left foot was double it’s size and super scary looking. Lucky me, I would get a foot massage every night by my wonderful husband, who might I add spent much more time walking around the Con than I did.

X-files 20th anniversary panel  


Sigh. If I were a hardcore fan of X-files I would have cried at how disappointing I found that panel to be. My friends are huge fans so I was pretty excited for them. After sitting through 5 other panels the moment that everyone was waiting for finally came. It started off exciting with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny  coming out to greet the crowd in Scully and Mulder fashion with flash lights in tow to a huge roar of people. But quickly it turned into the most anti-climactic panel I have ever attended . Now, this is just my opinion so no one send me hate mail but I couldn’t get over how unlikable Gillian Anderson was. None of her answers were very thought out and she straight up just gave one word answers sometimes. There was no organization by the moderator and writers would go on these very boring tangents for 10 minutes at a time. I think what killed it for me the most was the lack of excitement from the panel towards the work that had these thousands of people gathered in a room for. It doesn’t take away the fact that the show is still amazing. Sadly it left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess they can’t all be the Firefly 10th anniversary panel.

Oblivious people

I can’t fully blame people for this. The con can be so overwhelming on all your senses and you are being over stimulated every minute of the day. So really I can’t say I was pissed off about this but  I did notice that people were not watching where they were walking or who they were pushing up against. I had to walk around with my arms in front of me to push people off of me. When some people realized I had a belly the size of a watermelon they always had this apologetic look to them.So I get it, I’m sure I’ve been that oblivious person many a time. One moment that bothered me was a young guy who proceeded to tell me In conversation that I shouldn’t have attended Comic-Con due to my size. I let it go because he seemed extremely awkward. I did feel like telling him that I wasn’t dead just because I was pregnant. I’m not going to miss out on things that I love if it’s still within reason or in my power. Oh, well you can’t control what people think. There were also people on the trolley, young vivacious people, that made eye contact with me that would not offer a huge pregnant woman their seat. Again I can’t control people but it did make me feel sad about the lack of empathy that some people had. Although this made me feel bad about people, the kind people that I ran into at Nerd HQ totally made up for the negative feelings I had about humanity. The ying and yang exist and I guess it balances the world out.

All in all my SDCC experience was awesome and I can’t wait to have more energy next year!

A (tentative) Survival Guide to Being Pregnant and Attending SDCC

16 Jul

Hey Guys!

So It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I’ve had a lot of huge life events happen in the last six months! My husband and I bought a condo, we moved, I quit my job, and I found out I was PREGNANT! Yes! and all these events happened right around Wonder-Con 2013. After the initial joy and happiness that comes with finding out that you are carrying a little -soon- to- be- geek in your belly, my mind went straight to San Diego Comic-Con. I did the math and figured I would only be 6 months pregnant during SDCC. Everything should be easy right? WRONG! A few weeks after I found out I was pregnant I found out I was carrying not one geekling but TWO! TWINS!  This. Changed. Everything. I recently visited my doctor and he said that I am now at the stage of a 9 month-ready-to-pop pregnant woman. All the swelling, aches and pains, and lack of sleep are due to my little Jedis growing at a rapid rate.  Okay, so really?  Whats a geek girl to do???!

That’s me at 5 months pregnant during Bot-Con. Although it’s a tiny show compared to San Diego Comic-Con I wasn’t very prepared for hanging out all day.


PREPARE, have a game plan, and of course pray to the lords of Kobol.

I call this a tentative survival guide because I’ve never had children and I have yet to attend a con of this size while this far along in my pregnancy. Once everything is said and done I’ll report back.  Here are the list of the top ten problems that may arise and some possible solutions.

long lines

Problem #1 Long Lines

Last year, I stood and sat in lines that were 10 hours long. It’s kind of something my friends and I do. It’s unfortunate but its the reality of the con. Sitting Indian style and leaning back on your friends can be relatively comfortable. Not so much right now.


Solution: A portable lawn chair (with a strap) and being a little more elevated will help out on those days that the line does not move for hours at a time. Have a friend help you carry it so you don’t over do it. I also plan on using mine and my friends backpacks to elevate my swollen feet. Yikes!  Don’t forget that travel sized bottle of lotion to massage your feet while you’re waiting.


Problem #2 Walking more than you are used to

Walking from your parking stall or the trolley past the hoards of people into the convention hall can sometimes feel like forever (especially if you are crossing that massive bridge). Once you have made it to your destination you might have to walk swiftly upstairs to make it to a panel on time or you might want to walk the massive exhibit hall, which can take a few hours. All this can be daunting for aching, swollen feet, and a sore back.

maternity beltshoesflip flops

Solution: Pregnancy support back brace and two pairs of shoes. Why two shoes? Well, one pair of comfortable walking shoes to withstand the long walks (don’t forget the insoles) and a pair of flip flops because they are breathable and might fit your feet better once they start to swell. The back brace I recently purchased at a maternity store and it helps straighten your back so it’s not arching so heavily and it takes a little bit of weight off the belly and your legs. This could come in handy when you’re walking all day! The only downside to the brace is that it’s not seamless and may intrude with your awesome outfits. Carry it in your backpack and when you feel the aching feeling get ready for the belly support!


Probelm #3 Getting hungry every hour 

For some reason every time I have attended Comic-Con I am a ravenous beast.  I get hungry at all hours. I think this is due to the long lines and overall wait periods that you have to endure. This time around though, the hunger will be all too real.

healthy snacks


Arm yourself with a variety of healthy and filling snacks. I’m planning on taking a backpack and packing apples, crackers, trail mix, water, and a sandwich. This should be enough to get you through the day until you decide to have dinner downtown.


Problem #4  Having to use the restroom every 30 minutes

This is a tricky one. Getting out of line or having to go to the restroom during a panel is definitely annoying under normal circumstances. Get familiar with the locations of the restrooms. If you aren’t sure always ask the Comic-Con staff. You cut down the time you are wandering around if you already know where you are going.


Go every time you have to. Holding “it” can lead to complications and even preterm labor. If there are massive lines and you cannot wait the extra 5-10 minutes ask nicely if you can cut ahead. Your health and the health of your baby(ies) are worth asking strangers for a little help. Also, during panels the room staff will give away bathroom tickets that allow you to return to your seat. They will understand if  in the course of the time you are in there you ask for several tickets. If not, assure them that the belly is very much real and not a costume.

sexy cosplay

Problem #5 Not being able to cosplay comfortably

I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to dress up in cute sexy costumes but the reality is COMFORT IS KEY.  The belly also doesn’t really help with keeping most cosplays authentic.  Lets face it wearing heels and super tight revealing clothes isn’t very practical right now.


Solution: Do your research before hand! There are many characters from Sci-fi and comics that have been pregnant at some point. If you know how to sew and have the time, go for it! I’m taking the easy way out and dressing up like Lori from The Walking Dead. I found my outfit at the Goodwill and will be aging it over the next few days. It was inexpensive and is going to be pretty comfortable to wear. The only thing I will have to compromise with my outfit is Lori’s shoes. In my version of things, Lori wore flip flops not bad ass boots.


Problem #6 Crowds pushing into you

Crowds are everywhere downtown but pushing isn’t usually a problem. It’s not until you get into the exhibit hall and you walk by the major gaming or TV network booths that you start to feel like you are at a rock concert.


Either avoid these highly populated areas or have a group of friends walk with you and help protect you from really tall guys that don’t notice that you’re next to them and accidentally hit you with their poster tubes or push you out of the way (totally has happened to me).


Problem #7  Sitting comfortably for a long periods of time

If you love panels as much as I do, chances are you are going to be sitting for very long periods of time. This can be bad on your feet and your back.


Get up and walk around every so often. Try to sit at the end of an aisle and get up and walk around when you are starting to ache. It may be annoying but it feels like the only solution.

sleep deprived

Problem #8 Being Sleep deprived

Every year I take a vacation from work in order to attend the con and every year I go back to work more exhausted than when I left. There is just not enough hours in the day or enough energy in the human body to be able to do all the cool stuff that this week has to offer.Do you guys remember that episode of The Guild where the gang goes to “Megagame-o-ramacon” and Zaboo ends up living off of energy drinks with no sleep and ends up turning into a super villain? Well, I can relate…even to the villain part. This year I cannot live off energy drinks and adrenaline so what the heck?!!


Plan accordingly. The SDCC schedule comes out a few weeks in advance and gives you enough time to plan what you want to do. Take whats most important and go for it. You may not be able to see everything your heart desires but you will feel good when you get into the panel you were dying to see. I’ve decided to not go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 4am every day like previous years. Its hard to sleep at this stage of pregnancy anyway so if you can muster it, try to take naps while you are sitting waiting for a panel. If you can afford a hotel close to the convention center GET ONE! You can go back to the hotel and take naps to give you that boost of energy you may need.

pregnant and hot

Problem #9 changing body temperatures

San Diego is known for having beautiful weather! But sometimes when you are waiting out in the sun for a panel it stops seeming so beautiful because you start to fry. Then when your body has adjusted to the heat you get put in a room where it starts to feel like Hoth. Well take that, plus the intensity of feeling like you have an oven strapped to your belly and it can be unbearable.



Layers, shorts, and water!  Try to stay cool by dressing like you’re going to hit the beach but also bring one or two light sweaters to layer on when it starts to get cold. Stay hydrated and if you’re anticipating being out in the sun. Freeze a water bottle and use it as your own personal cooling system while you are outside.  If Hoth is the perfect temperature for you, then have no fear! you will bask in your shorts and tee shirt in the freezing panel temperatures. It’s better to play it safe than sorry that’s for sure.


Problem #10 Morning sickness and the general smells of Comic-Con

Oh the smells of the con! It’s something that should be expected and frankly a staple of any big convention. The smell of junk food from the food court might have had you salivating years prior but now it may make you want to hurl. Then there’s that dude that you kept on passing up in line that had a very distinct smell. The luck of the draw has you now sitting next to him in hall H for the next 4 hours. He Probably hasn’t showered since he left his hometown and you are wishing that the panel wasn’t completely full. How will you survive without hurling on everyone you care about? (Again may or may not have happened to me)

Preggie Drops Organic Square peppermint


I’m very grateful that I didn’t really suffer with morning sickness during my pregnancy but I know many that have and some that have gone through suffering their entire pregnancy. As an ex mortuary employee I can tell you that dealing with smells when you can’t stand them is something that takes practice. There are morning sickness products that contain ginger and other wonderful vitamins that may help you combat wanting to barf all over the place and are rather tasty at the same time. Then there’s the good ol’ Vicks trick. If you aren’t opposed to the smell of vicks or anything similar you can rub some on the inside of your nose or some essential oils on a handkerchief and focus on smelling things that aren’t offensive to your olfactory senses.

 Wish me luck!



Edit! Thanks to another couple that was expecting we learned that being pregnant gives you the opportunity to get a disabled pass so you can sit down wherever there is chairs and wait in much shorter lines for panels.This tip was invaluable and I’m so grateful for awesome helpful people. 

Wonder Con Merchandise

31 Mar

Hey guys!!! We are so excited to have met so many of you. We promise to get all of our Wonder-Con merchandise up very soon. So stay tuned!


Le Geek


Long Beach Comic Con Cosplay

9 Nov

Gorgeous Geeks,
Last weekend my bestie and I hit up the Long Beach Horror and Comic Con and boy did we have a blast! She cosplayed Bane from the Dark Knight Rises, and I cosplayed my favorite character of all time–Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings series. I wore a similar outfit to SDCC this year, and Halloween two years ago. And you know what? You better bet your sweet ass that I’ll wear this exact outfit again for the midnight showing of the Hobbit! Here are some of my cosplay favorites from the con taken by my crappy iPhone.


Lovely Little Hobbit

Castle: Final Frontier Geeky References

7 Nov

So last night I nearly died of a nerdgasm from watching Castle Season 5 Episode 6 titled “Final Frontier”. After a long stressful day at work today, I decided to go back and re watch to see if I could come up with a list of geeky references. I may not have gotten them all, but if you guys see that I missed any comment and I’ll add them.


-Opening Scene is of a spaceship orbiting in space that oddly resembles many scenes in Firefly of the Serenity ship.

-Immediately a Captain Max and Lt. Chole are mentioned…coincidence? Mal? Zoe?

-Mention of “creavers” ahem “reavers

– On the convention floor castle’s number one fan is getting his storm season trade paperback signed and it’s none other than Jonathon Frakes aka Star Trek’s  William T. Riker from  Star Trek:Next Generation . He also happened to be directing this episode of castle.

-I couldn’t help to notice a girl in a Dharma jumpsuit while behind Beckett while she tells Castle about the murder.

-Castle responds to Beckett with “Shiny

-Castle says “I used to come here a lot” referring to the convention. For those of us that follow Nathan Fillion, we know that hes usually at SDCC every year.

-When Castle mentions Sci-Fi Shows he mentions …”Cylon skin job, Please say Six“…”that Joss Whedon show”

-He complains how Nebula-9 was cancelled “over a decade ago, and only had 12 episodes at that” total nod to firefly and us Browncoats

-Esposito mentions Blade Runner!

-The Captains full name is mentioned Captain Max Reynard (Captain Mal Reynolds)

-When talking about Beckett’s cosplay photo the word FRAKING is said TWICE (BSG)

-the murder weapon is a LASER GUN enough said

-Castle has a life sized Boba Fett in his bathroom

-Castle doing a Captain Kirk impersonation when talking to Beckett about Annabelle being killed with a laser blaster

-Ryan interviews a person in a Wompa-like suit

-Actress that played “Chole” on Nebula-9 says to castle that playing Chole wasn’t exactly a “career launcher” (total wink to Nathan Fillion’s success and the role that launched his career)

– Castle talks about sweaty “fanboys”  (the word is rarely used on TV)

– Captain Max talks about “lunatics lining up outside the convention center for days” (yeah, I’m a lunatic, and for the record it was only 10 hours)

– Esposito tells Ryan that he probably likes Sci-Fi like Gattaca and 2001. He also mentions the Monolith.

-Ryan says he like fantasy like Lord of the Rings, Esposito says he can see him as a Hobbit. (Is everyone from the 12th precinct a geek?)

-Esposito explains the Creavers as an alien race that “eat your face off”. Similar to our beloved Reavers from Firefly

-Lasers point to Castle and Beckett reminds me of Predators!

Han shot first shirt worn by the maker of the laser pointer! Hey check it out, it’s Quark the Ferengi from Deep Space Nine (Actor Armin Shimerman)

Star Destroyer reference

-Naming of different weapons “Klingon Bat’leth, Cylon laser pistol, double sided light saber”

-Castle is scared hes mutating! Like The Hulk, The Thing, or The Leader… Beckett says she prefers Dr. Manhattan 

-Nebula-9 was rumored to be relaunched, even maybe doing a movie (ha, perfect Firefly/Serenity reference)

-Castle in the Captains Chair doing his best Jean-Luc Piccard impersonation

-Beckett gives a very beautiful fangirl speech about why she loved Nebula-9 so much

-Andorian death pack (sounds much like Endor)

-They mention that 10 years later people still love Nebula-9 ( Firefly) (who else is watching the 10 year reunion special?)

– “Nobody takes over my ship”

-The word Cosplay is mentioned… I’ve never heard cosplay mentioned on a fictional show! (not that I can remember)

Tie fighter noise

William Shatner song during credits “Ideal Woman

Did I get them all? Did I get any of those wrong? I had a blast re watching! Lets play a drinking game guys!






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