Castle: Final Frontier Geeky References

7 Nov

So last night I nearly died of a nerdgasm from watching Castle Season 5 Episode 6 titled “Final Frontier”. After a long stressful day at work today, I decided to go back and re watch to see if I could come up with a list of geeky references. I may not have gotten them all, but if you guys see that I missed any comment and I’ll add them.


-Opening Scene is of a spaceship orbiting in space that oddly resembles many scenes in Firefly of the Serenity ship.

-Immediately a Captain Max and Lt. Chole are mentioned…coincidence? Mal? Zoe?

-Mention of “creavers” ahem “reavers

- On the convention floor castle’s number one fan is getting his storm season trade paperback signed and it’s none other than Jonathon Frakes aka Star Trek’s  William T. Riker from  Star Trek:Next Generation . He also happened to be directing this episode of castle.

-I couldn’t help to notice a girl in a Dharma jumpsuit while behind Beckett while she tells Castle about the murder.

-Castle responds to Beckett with “Shiny

-Castle says “I used to come here a lot” referring to the convention. For those of us that follow Nathan Fillion, we know that hes usually at SDCC every year.

-When Castle mentions Sci-Fi Shows he mentions …”Cylon skin job, Please say Six“…”that Joss Whedon show”

-He complains how Nebula-9 was cancelled “over a decade ago, and only had 12 episodes at that” total nod to firefly and us Browncoats

-Esposito mentions Blade Runner!

-The Captains full name is mentioned Captain Max Reynard (Captain Mal Reynolds)

-When talking about Beckett’s cosplay photo the word FRAKING is said TWICE (BSG)

-the murder weapon is a LASER GUN enough said

-Castle has a life sized Boba Fett in his bathroom

-Castle doing a Captain Kirk impersonation when talking to Beckett about Annabelle being killed with a laser blaster

-Ryan interviews a person in a Wompa-like suit

-Actress that played “Chole” on Nebula-9 says to castle that playing Chole wasn’t exactly a “career launcher” (total wink to Nathan Fillion’s success and the role that launched his career)

- Castle talks about sweaty “fanboys”  (the word is rarely used on TV)

- Captain Max talks about “lunatics lining up outside the convention center for days” (yeah, I’m a lunatic, and for the record it was only 10 hours)

- Esposito tells Ryan that he probably likes Sci-Fi like Gattaca and 2001. He also mentions the Monolith.

-Ryan says he like fantasy like Lord of the Rings, Esposito says he can see him as a Hobbit. (Is everyone from the 12th precinct a geek?)

-Esposito explains the Creavers as an alien race that “eat your face off”. Similar to our beloved Reavers from Firefly

-Lasers point to Castle and Beckett reminds me of Predators!

-Han shot first shirt worn by the maker of the laser pointer! Hey check it out, it’s Quark the Ferengi from Deep Space Nine (Actor Armin Shimerman)

-Star Destroyer reference

-Naming of different weapons “Klingon Bat’leth, Cylon laser pistol, double sided light saber”

-Castle is scared hes mutating! Like The Hulk, The Thing, or The Leader… Beckett says she prefers Dr. Manhattan 

-Nebula-9 was rumored to be relaunched, even maybe doing a movie (ha, perfect Firefly/Serenity reference)

-Castle in the Captains Chair doing his best Jean-Luc Piccard impersonation

-Beckett gives a very beautiful fangirl speech about why she loved Nebula-9 so much

-Andorian death pack (sounds much like Endor)

-They mention that 10 years later people still love Nebula-9 ( Firefly) (who else is watching the 10 year reunion special?)

- “Nobody takes over my ship”

-The word Cosplay is mentioned… I’ve never heard cosplay mentioned on a fictional show! (not that I can remember)

-Tie fighter noise

-William Shatner song during credits “Ideal Woman

Did I get them all? Did I get any of those wrong? I had a blast re watching! Lets play a drinking game guys!





5 Responses to “Castle: Final Frontier Geeky References”

  1. Blair November 8, 2012 at 3:18 am #

    Also in just after Adams character lists all the items he has, the lazer pistol from firefly episode “heart of gold” can be seen sitting on the table

    • iheartlegeek November 8, 2012 at 4:04 am #

      Omg!!! Thank you:) you so rock for catching that! I’ll have to rewatch

    • Helen November 8, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

      Castle also says at some point that some people have no business commanding a ship in a “I should know” kind of tone

  2. BellaVaruka November 9, 2012 at 5:55 am #

    The Craver’s mask has hair surprisingly similar to Shepherd Book on Jayne’s Town. :)

  3. serenity November 11, 2012 at 5:44 am #

    I can’t remember when, but at one point Esposito says, “As you wish.” Maybe it wasn’t a sci-fi reference, but it’s “The Princess Bride”!

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